Top Tips for Installing a Playset in an Early Childhood Education Centre


Play is an integral part of a child's physical, psychological, and social education. It is for this reason that a proper early childhood education centre is not complete without a playground. Such spaces allow teachers to test a child's social interaction skills. However, playgrounds can only be useful if administrators follow a plan. This article highlights tips for installing effective playset.

Use Modular Playsets

Traditional playgrounds feature fixed structures such as swings, ladders, and slides. Unfortunately, these kinds of playsets assume that children are content with what is available on a playground. However, nothing could be further from the truth because children are curious beings. Therefore, school administrators and parents should tap into this curiosity to hone children's creativity. Therefore, rather than install standard fixed playsets, opt for modular play systems. They give children the freedom to create unique playsets by adding and changing components. For instance, children can use the same playground components to create a ladder, a car, or a mini-plane. The best part is that modular playsets do not restrict children to what they can make while on a playground.

Include Shades

Safety is critical when installing a school playset. However, most administrators think that safety only involves choosing the right material and ensuring adequate maintenance. However, this is a dangerous mindset because the sun can be a safety hazard when a playground is not covered adequately. Since children's eyes are still developing, running in the sun's direction can interfere with their view and lead to accidents. Moreover, playing under direct sunlight can cause dehydration and lightheadedness. You should avoid the two scenarios at all costs, and the best way to do so is to install shade sails during playset installation. Shade sails protect children from the effects of playing under direct sunlight.

Involve the Children

Although there is nothing wrong with installing school playsets without children's help, their involvement during the design and installation stages is recommended. As mentioned earlier, children are curious and creative in their way, and their input counts, particularly because they are the main clients. Therefore, ask them what they want to be part of their playset and take notes. The information will act as a guide on what to include in a playground, and what it should look like. During installation, involve kids in the process since they can help with the less demanding tasks such as painting. The objective here is to make children feel proud of their playground.

For more information, contact a school playset installation service in your area.


9 September 2020

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